An Inspiration To Others

April 17, 2012

Nearly fifty-two weeks a year, JHE is hustling and bustling with various high pressure, high deliverable projects. Working closely on these projects creates a tight-knit family … a family that stands together in good and bad times. 

In 2011, a member of the JHE family was experiencing tremendous heartache when his girlfriend was diagnosed with Stage II Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. His close co-workers knew of the challenges they were facing and felt compelled to help.

Brent Wilson, an eight-year veteran at JHE, was stranded in Atlanta during a multi-day rainout at Atlanta Motor Speedway. During down time at the hotel, Brent and his co-workers began to toss around ways they could rally around their friend to help.

In a matter of 30 to 45 minutes, the group had conjured up “Golfing for Good” and set out a series of action items. Brent and colleague Terry Hodges led the charge in bringing the “Golfing for Good” concept to general manager Ryan Baxter and then ultimately Jay Howard. Once Ryan and Jay blessed the program, Brent, with the help of Natalie Epperly and Terry, volunteered to lead the management and implementation of Golfing for Good.

Golfing For Good

With only four weeks preparation, Golfing for Good took the Cabarrus Country Club by storm with 80 golfers playing for a cause.

At the conclusion of the October 18 event, the JHE family raised $31,774 which would go directly to covering medical bills for a member of the JHE family.


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