Home of the Brave

October 23, 2012

Since JHE’s inception, the 25-year-old business has executed more than 1000 flyovers at opening ceremonies nationwide.

What seems like a seemingly simple moment to a fan is actually a challenging difficult task with little room for error. However, the JHE team has perfected the operation by developing a “cheat sheet:” mathematically-based matrix to determine the exact fly-by time. With this information, the JHE live entertainment team is able to time the pilots’ arrival to directly coincide with the singer as they hit the “home of the brave” lyric.

There are always uncontrollable factors, like the weather, radio interference or a singer who isn’t following the schedule, but JHE always has a plan B so that attendees never know that there was a snag in the flyover.

To recognize the pilots who accurately complete a fly-by appearance, JHE president Jay Howard created the “Home of the Brave” club. Each member receives a “Time Over Target, Home of the Brave” commemorative coin to remind the pilot of a precise performance.

“If the pilots walk out with one of these coins, everyone has had a good day,” says Howard. “And we’ve given out a lot of those coins.”

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